About us

About Us

India24viral is an online platform that envisions showcasing the glory of every part of Jharkhand through daily updates on news, lifestyle, events, Travel, and much more. India24viral lends you to the heart of the city and gives you a new and raw sight of Jharkhand.

India24viral is an open platform for all, to post their own stories which are worth seeing by people around us.

The news section is devoted to the people of the city and every detail happening around Jharkhand.

There is a special section to celebrate the achievements and the life stories of the people in the city, people who have defied all the odds and set an inspiration to all.
The whole idea is to bring the best out of the city and make it reach the pedestal of “Smart City”.

Decode Jharkhand through our eyes and never miss the magic in the city.


Deoghar, Jharkhand